10 Reasons for Pentagame

1. It is viral

Pentagame spreads: The average re-commend rate of Pentagame is R_0 < 0. That means that on average, every one who got hooked to it introduces it to more than one other player. Consequently, interest is rising. Which in turn makes you be sure that you will find opponents, which furthers the spread of the game.

2. It is infinite

Pentagame expands in a multitude of possible games. It is impossible to come up with "the" solution in any humanely tractable time. Thus, it endures.

3. It does not annoy

There is no shell. There is no need to tallk b*st whilest playing the game. You don't have to burden your brain with unnecessary information. You don't have to read endless manuals.

4. It surprises

It has been played more than 1000 times. People still are hooked and find new combinations and insights. The size of the game space is large enough to wonder likely for a lifetime.

5. It makes you think

Without a shell, Pentagame provokes your thoughts. It will make you think about history and mathematics. Well that's quite a lot, once you - think about it.

6. It is simple

Few rules and a simple shape can create a multivers of individual games. The game is a stepping stone into... well, tell me about it.

7. It creates stories

Every single game is a story about 5 pieces per player trying to win. There are heros who advance and heros who keep their stand.

8. You connect

A simple to explain board game is a perfect to connect to likewise minds. The community is growing quickly.

9. It is strange

Nothing beats comments and questions by passers-by. Pentagame is a trigger.

10. No crap

While you play, you forget all that crap. Neither will you care for those superstitious idiots to stupid to play this game.

11. It existed before

Yes, there is evidence that it existed in antiquity and got lost - probably because beforementioned idiots have a problem with the pentagram star. But who cares - it's back, that counts.


Do you really need 12 reasons?