NikkyAI has programmed a Pentagame-Server! Here you can create a game, choose your set of pieces, and then invite your friends via sharing the link to play remotely against you! - Try it out!

Pentagame in der Weltentaverne

Ab sofort könnt ihr Pentagame spielen und direkt kaufen in der Weltentaverne,

einem super chilligen Treff für alle Spielbegeisterten mit super Catering.

Berlin - Tempelhof.


5.5.2022 Pentagame-Turnier

1.5.22 Pentagame Info-Veranstaltung

5.5.22 Pentagame-Stammtisch mit TURNIER


Probably still the best way to play remotely is by connecting via a screen share enabled conferencing tool (team viewer, jitsi etc.) and then have Alice this and play while Bob tells her what moves to make... We'll talk about why we're still not any further, it's just not that easy!

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